Dance It Out

September 16, 2010

I’ve spent all morning working on my resume and looking at apartments online…is that tunnel vision creeping in?

What must I do to…break out of the stress of recreating my life?  Despite all the excitement, trying to find a new job and a new place to live at the same time has been just a tad bit overwhelming (wondering when I will ever be just whelmed – name that movie).  So I must…DANCE! I must dance I tell you!  In true Meredith and Christina form, I chose to dance it out.  That’s right.  With no one around (except a dog and cat who looked at me perplexed) I blared my favorite dance music and jumped around wildly.  But don’t let that alarm you, with my years of dance experience, I did manage to throw in some more fashioned moves here and there.  What can I tell you? I feel de-stressed already; oh the joys of dancing it out.

And so for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following dance clip from my inspiration, the Grey’s Anatomy Dance Crew:


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