5 Favorite Things

August 11, 2010

I’m totally copying this idea from another blog (which is one of my favorite things) who copied it from someone else! So consider this a huge form of flattery, as a copy of a copy.  

#1. Photography blogs!  

Specifically this one: http://aricandcasey.com/blog/ I think I spent most of the afternoon just looking at their blog and all their amazing fantastic photos.  And this is where I got the idea for my 5 Favorite Things so it just fits that their blog would be #1.  Looking at photography blogs makes we want to be a professional photographer, or at least get better at it.  It’s just a hobby for me right now and I look at more pictures right now than I take but one day I have the feeling that will change.  

This is a link to the entry with my favorite picture: http://aricandcasey.com/blog/?p=1182  Can you guess which one it is?  

#2.  Rita’s Water Ice  

And it’s now in Austin.  Ok, here’s my love story with Rita’s Water Ice.  I grew up visiting my grandparents in Philadelphia every summer.  One of the special treats we always got was Rita’s.  I always looked forward to getting it while we were there.  Sad to say, they were only up north, but we always knew what a hit Rita’s would be if they ever opened a store in the South considering how extremely hot it gets here.  And boy were we right! And now, there’s a store in Austin, less than a 30 minute drive for me.  I thought this day would never come but I’m so glad it did!  This is the crazy smile I had on my face at my first visit to the Austin store; I could hardly contain my excitement.  I shared the joy with my dear friend Meagan, and now she’s taking friends there. Oh, how the joy continues!  

Can you see the joy people? Can you?


#3.  Bubblegum  

Writing that word makes me want some right now…why do I not have any in my purse? There is nothing like a good piece of bubble gum…how the sugar seeps into your mouth during the first few chews…anyway!  It’s so delicious.  I’m personally not a fan of mint gum; it makes my stomach hurt (crazy when “everyone” says mint is supposed to soothe an upset stomach).   One of my fav kinds of bubble gum: bubble tape!  Who doesn’t want tape that’s really delicious bubble gum?  

childhood memories folks


#4.  My Red Converse Shoes  

They are so fun, bright, and red.  And I like them and that I’m wearing them today…  

feel the love


#5.  My new facial and ear piercings  

Doesn’t that sound funny, facial piercings? I think it’s funny, and it’s funny that a few months ago all I had was one hole in each ear.  Now I have 2 holes in my left ear and dun-dun-nuh-na: 5 in my right! And to top it all off, I got my nose pierced (again for the 5th time)!!!!! What can I say, I really want the nose piercing to work so I’m willing to do it until it does….is the saying the 5 time’s the charm? I don’t know and I don’t care; I just like my piercings!  

look at all the metal in my face

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